Free bunny Lovey included on 6 & 12 month plans!
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Free bunny Lovey included on 6 & 12 Month planS!

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Lauren Eberle

Louis and Léa creates such wonderful boxes for new parents. They're a great gift idea as well! All their products are so well thought out - they are good for the baby and good for the environment. Everything being biodegradable or organic or bamboo is right up my alley! They've really done the work for you in realizing what you'll want to make your birth extra special and your postpartum comfortable!!


I'm obsessed with all the items in this box! I wish this was around when I had my first baby! It has everything you can think of needing and more and you don't have to run around store to store to get them! It makes the perfect gift for any mom to be!


I absolutely LOVED the items in both boxes. I try my best to be eco-friendly and support local businesses as much as possible! Louis & Léa is the perfect gift and a lovely surprise for expecting Moms!


Being a new mom, I came to Manitoba knowing nobody. Since joining Louis and Léa's Raising Little Ones Facebook Group, I’ve met a few people I think I can call lifelong friends. When I don’t know what I’m doing and need some help, the first place I go to is this community to find what other mamas do with their kiddos. I also like being able to help other mamas with questions that I just went through as well! Plus, having the monthly box is a bonus gift to myself which as a mama, I don’t get often. Louis and Léa has changed my life in many ways. ❤️

Mikayla Patenaude

I was given the Baby Birth Box for Christmas while anticipating the arrival of our baby boy and so far I absolutely love all of the products inside! The swaddling blanket & baby outfit is made with the softest material ever. Really looking forward to being able to use all of the items in the coming weeks after our new babe is born. They are fantastic quality, and an awesome gift idea! I would highly recommend!

Clara Williams

The baby birth box was gifted to me at my baby shower and it was such a lovely surprise!! The box itself is so beautiful and the colour palette and high quality items inside give you a special feeling when you open it. We have used and loved every one of the items. Louis and Léa have done a fantastic job. These boxes are so unique and make for the perfect gift!


As a mother of two I understand the importance of having quality items available during the first moments with your new arrival. Louis and Léa have done the work for you. Their products are super high quality! A great gift for any mother to be and one I will be proud to give time and time again.


The items are JUST what a mom loves and needs. I've felt so pampered by the quality and beautiful items. I especially love the MAMA necklace. It's so delicate and pretty.